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Maxiglide Retractable Iron vs Ordinary Iron

Maxiglide Retractable Iron

Detangle, Straighten, Hydrate, 

Protect in One Step

World’s Only Iron with Retractable Brush

Ordinary Iron

Regular Irons Pull, Damage, 

and Excessively Dry Out Hair

Flat plates just flatten the frizz:

Maxius Adjustable Brush vs Ordinary Brush

Maxius Adjustable Brush

Replaces 20 Brushes! 

Adjustable  with a simple twist 2” to 4”

Ordinary Brush

One fixed size & wrong bristle position. Multiple brushes take up lots of space!

Maxius Safe Curl Wand vs Ordinary Wand

Maxius Safe Curl Wand

Protective silicone ridges prevents instant burn, creates more even heat.

Ordinary Wand

Regular irons provide no protection, burning skin instantly.

Maxius Auto Curl Pro vs Ordinary Auto Curler

Maxius Auto Curl Pro

Safest auto-iron with ridged protective coverFull-size 5½” barrel automatic curling ironSafety tongue for easy and safe release

Ordinary Auto Curler

Short 2.5”-3” barrel, bulky head, hair turns around itself, only the inner part of the hair section touches the hot barrel

Recognition and Honors

Max was identified by Cosmair, the world’s largest hair care product manufacturer, as one of the country’s 10 best stylists to launch a new hair color. Max won first prize for styling at the International Beauty Show in New York City.

Meet Max

the Inventor of Maxius Beauty

Max grew up in the hair care business – his mother owned and operated a beauty school. Although his sights were set on a career in science or engineering, he worked as a stylist while in college. His styling business became so successful that he devoted himself to it and to the clients that wouldn’t let him quit, but never lost the ability to analyze a problem that involved chemistry or engineering.

Max quickly realized most of the styling products and tools used in salons were not created by people who had to use them every day, all day. Max saw the need for products and tools that would reduce styling time, while producing great results. Working at night, borrowing money from friends and family to support the research and development of his ideas, Max put all his experience and knowledge into a line of liquid hair care products and a series of styling tools carrying his Maxius Systems name, which you can explore in detail on this site.

A Celebrity Stylist

Max has been the trusted hair stylist by some of Hollywood's top celebrities, such as, Heather Locklear, Mark Wahlberg, Debra Messing, Jennie Garth, Regis Philbin, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Sylvester Stallone and more! Max was responsible for Heather Locklear’s much-copied look on the hit TV series “Melrose Place”.

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Best hair tool I've ever had. 

This is my favorite styling tool. Had to find & a little pricey but worth it. This is my 2nd one since I wore out the first one

Maxiglide RP Review

Amazon Customer | January 2023

Style without the War Wounds

I've gone through a number of curling irons and haven't been keen on one until now. I am big-time prone to burning myself in my curling endeavors. This one heats up fast, is super easy to use, and if you do manage to hit skin instead of hair, you don't have to break out the ice.

Maxius Safe Curl Wand Review

Amazon Customer | September 2020

Good quality multi-use brush

I love that this brush is adjustable! You can get rid of any of the other brushes you have lying around. This is perfect for styling and regular brushing. I have really long hair and I have to constantly brush my hair because it gets tangled. This brush is perfect because it’s gentle.

Maxius Adjustable Brush Review

Amazon Customer | August 2020


his is my 4th Maxiglide in about 12 years (?). I’m guessing on how long it’s been since I bought that first one off an infomercial... that one had removable plates. The next two did not have removable plates, but I loved them too. This new one is the best and I’ll tell you why: RETRACTABLE PINS. The main reason I have had to replace them is they were difficult to clean because the pins were in the way. So I didn’t clean them and they built up gross looking and smelling residue over the years. I don’t anticipate that being a problem with this new one as they have fixed it! I have tried every expensive and cheap flat iron there is, thinking that I’ll find something better, and I keep coming back to the maxiglide. Even other ones with steam pale in comparison to this.

Maxiglide RP Review

Amazon Customer | November 2020

It's a yes for me!

Ive been seeing the ads in my Facebook and Instagram a ton and having been wanting to purchase for some time.So many of the reviews on Amazon and youtube about this straightener are mixed.So I wasn't sure if I should get it.So had I did.I feel as tho the minimal amount of damage was done to my hair compared to my old straightener.I was able to keep the temperature below 400... I used it between 360-390.The fact the combs plate can be removed is awesome to be able to clean it.The handle is ergonomic.The digital temp dial is nice and it heats up fastThe wide 2 inch plate straightens twice the amount of hair as my old 1 inch plateThe teeth/pins eliminate the need for the chase method

Maxiglide RP Review

Amazon Customer | April 2020

Good quality multi-use brush

Doesn’t feel cheap and works well as a regular brush and drying brush. There are longer bristles in between the softer bristles that make it easier to dry your hair which help with getting out knots and smooth out your hair. This brush is really good quality.

Maxius Adjustable Brush Review<

Amazon Customer | September 2020

Works fast, 

very easy to use and safe

I have relatively thick hair and have used a variety of basic straighteners. The MaxiGlide RP worked great out of the box, heated up extremely fast and was very easy to use; closes nicely and you don't need to put a lot of pressure. I don't curl my hair so I didn't take advantage of the curling features, but love how close it is built to get to my scalp without being afraid of burning my head. Having the comb pins builtin meant I didn't need to use my hair brush at all. Also, the steam feature is very cool and something I've never had on any other straightener and seemed to make my hair feel smooth and avoid unnecessary burns. Overall this is a great straightener and well worth the purchase.

Maxiglide RP Review

Amazon Customer | November 2020

Great round brush

The fact that this brush is expandable is genius. There isn’t a need for a variety of larger round brushes. It is easy to adjust and stays in place. The bristles do not get caught in hair. It smooths the hair and creates a nice hairstyle. It’s a great brush.

Maxius Adjustable Brush Review<

Amazon Customer | July 2021

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